Wednesday, August 30, 2006

WTV a hit!!

Just an update on last week's performance of WATCH TV! Well first of all, the cast and crew worked so hard and did a phenomenal job. I don't think any of us really expected a huge turn out. We were doing the sketch comedy show for the love of it. We were a little worried that our idea of humor might not whet the general audience member's appetite. --As we peeked through the curtains.. our expected 10-20 people suddenly grew as the audience poured in. There was well over 100 in my guestimation and they were excited and amped. We fed off of that and performed with gusto!
The audience LOVED it. I think I even heard some actual Guffaw'ing out there.. They laughed, they snickered, and they cheered. It was a fantastic feeling!! The feedback was overwhelming as it was not your average sketch comedy show that one normally expects. No little black box with folding chairs here. We had use of The Colony Theatre in Burbank. So the audience got to relax in plush seats as they were treated to an array of skits with lights and sound and video clip 'commercials' on a projection screen!
It was a blast as the show ended with our last sketch called 'Chef Idol' which was a spoof of American Idol meets Iron Chef.. with celebrity judges and celebrity contestants. Richard Simmons won with his big sausage and potato balls with creamy gravy. OK America, enjoy your big plate of penis!!!

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