Saturday, April 29, 2006

Behind The Pulpit - by Sanedria Arne Potter

Last weekend was just loaded with artistic enlightenment. I attended a book signing for a piece titled 'Behind the Pulpit: I still remember' by Sanedria Arne Potter. If that name sounds familiar to you.. scroll down a few entries on my blog... you will see she wrote and directed the TV pilot 'Dispatch' I worked on last year. She had a lovely event at the Lucy Florence Art Gallery in Los Angeles. I was honored to be among those invited and went to show my support. She not only had the beautiful historical gallery booked as a location, but she had a classy spread of pasta, salad, strawberries and baklava out for her guests. We mingled, soaked in the culture, and nibbled. Then Sanedria got up to read an except from her book. The smooth voiced novelist proceeded to enchant the onlookers with her charm and engaging words. Her eyes welled up as she came to a stopping point in which she explained that her mother had passed since the writing of her novel. It was very touching as the chapter highlighted her mother's strength and love for her children. I have a copy of the book and can't wait to read it. I encourage you to check out her website at

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