Thursday, May 18, 2006

Edisol W. Dotson

Last weekend I attended at pre-production staged reading of a work by Edisol W. Dotson. The event was by invitation and I was pleased and flattered to be among the critical chosen. Edisol or 'Eddie' as he sometimes introduces himself, played opposite of me as my brother in the independent film 'Attack of the Slime People' which is still in post production.

The staged reading was for a work called 'the hard & heady life of my penis' and in a word, it was phenomenal. Never have I been so affected by a piece. It was humorous, tender, revealing, intimate and thought provoking. It did feel a little rough in areas as the anger and bitterness that was certainly necessary to exude part of the charm took over. I felt it may still need a little polishing. But it was definitely edgy, raw, and dynamic. I know he is looking to develop it further and is in need of a director.. so if you are looking for a ground breaking project... contact him and see for yourself what my rave is all about. (UPDATE: He is no longer in the need of a director. (See below for his upcoming performance dates!)

Eddie is not afraid to share intimate details in this very eye-opening piece of work that is written with such emotion. He describes growing up with an abusive father, living life as a gay man, and the obstacles he has encountered in his vast and various relationships. I laughed, I felt his discern, and I was definitely moved. Eddie shows masterful skill as a writer and performer.. even tho it was merely a reading. The audience of 30 or so people were all mesmerized and at full attention during the 90 minute prose. Its worth checking out at --tell him his Slime People Sister sent ya! (UPDATE: click here for a brief clip of his work) He also has some of his own personal quotes that I just love.. this being my favorite: "to die in the pursuit of a dream is a death worth living" ~edisol w. dotson
UPDATE: Dates and times for his performances are:
July 27 through September 3
Thursday - Saturday at 8pm and Sundays 2pm
The Ruby Theatre at the Complex
6476 Santa Monica Blvd.,
HollywoodValet parking available Thursday - Saturday
Tickets are $15 Online reservations at

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