Friday, August 08, 2008

"Attack of the Slime People" gets rave reviews!

A film that I starred in, "Attack of the Slime People," (also featured on Jay Leno, while still in production in June 2007,) received 3 rave reviews from 3 film critics on

By Brian Morton:
"I can't imagine anything more difficult than trying to make a 'period' movie with a low budget. Well, I just saw one that not only managed to do it, but did it amazingly well!Attack of the Slime People is a wonderful parody of late 50s early 60s low budget fare... It's great, in fact, the entire cast is wonderful. Jackie Zane as Marge, Buddy's long suffering (and infatuated) assistant is especially well cast also. If you're a fan of low budget movies from this era, then you're going to love Attack of the Slime People, in fact, if I hadn't known that it was a current movie, I would have sworn that this was actually made in the 60s!... This is really a fun movie that will make you want to catch up on all those drive in movies that you missed back then!" Read more here.

By Duane L. Martin:

"The acting, when combined with the way the film looked, just created a near perfect piece of work. There was not a bad performance in this film. Everyone, just did a phenomenal job with their roles." Read more here.

By Nic Brown:

"ATTACK OF THE SLIME PEOPLE isn’t the cult sci-fi/horror film that you might expect from the title. However, with its quirky but fun plot, over the top performances and its nostalgic nods to the Hollywood of yesteryear, the movie will definitely become a cult classic in its own unique category. So if you have the opportunity to check out director Martin King's ATTACK OF THE SLIME PEOPLE I highly recommend that you do." Read more here. (Nic's review is also posted on the BMovieMan website.)

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